When I was setting up a new Zend Framework application today I encountered an interesting message:

[email protected]:~/workspace/application$ zf create project ./ applicationCreating project at /home/valorin/workspace/applicationNote: This command created a web project, for more information setting up your VHOST, please see docs/READMETesting Note: PHPUnit was not found in your include_path, therefore no testing actions will be created.

Now, I know PHPUnit is installed and working in my include_path since I can run tests fine for my other applications. But for some reason Zend Framework can’t find the PHPUnit directory. After a bit of digging I realised that the php.include_path parameter within ~/.zf.ini was overriding the default include paths, removing the reference to PHPUnit.

To fix this, simply edit ~/.zf.ini and set the php.include_path parameter to include your PHPUnit location:

php.include_path = "/var/www/library:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear"

Easy fix 🙂