The Security Risk of SMS Two Factor Authentication

The often talked about security risk of using SMS-based Two Factor Authentication (2FA) isn’t actually as big of a security risk that everyones makes it out to be. It’s much more of a security risk in SMS-based Account Recovery. It’s a subtle but incredibly important difference that I keep seeing news sites and security blogs completely overlook. […]


The difference a single character makes…

I love debugging weird bugs. There is something fun about tracking down a weird bug, spending time replicating the circumstances, and eventually tracing the issue to the cause of the bug. Once you’ve found the cause, the fix is often incredibly trivial – something that was overlooked or not considered when the code was originally […]

Privacy Security

What are you doing with my data?

My wife and I¹ were filling out a rental house application the other night, and we noted the incredibly invasive nature of the personal information the form was asking for. For example, it wanted to know our car registration number and pet microchip details – both of which have absolutely nothing to do with us […]