Th1nk Lik3 a H4cker

In Depth Talk Walkthrough on Securing Laravel (part 1)

There are plenty of guides and checklists online that teach you “security best practices”, but most of them are pointless if you don’t understand how a hacker can exploit weaknesses in your apps to break through your defences. You’ll tick the boxes and overlook the real weaknesses , leaving your app open and your users exposed.

It’s time to change that! I want to teach you to Think Like a Hacker by actually performing some hacks yourself. In this talk, we’ll assume the role of a hacker and break into a vulnerable website. Exploring how the hacker thinks at each point, and how they’d go about compromising each stage. The talk is fully interactive, you can hack everything from just a phone browser – or just come along to watch and learn. By the end, you’ll know how to spot vulnerabilities and exploit them, so you can keep your apps protected.

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