Introducing My Habits for Pebble

I am really excited to announce the release of the much awaited Habits app paid upgrade: My Habits. This upgrade brings to you much awaited and requested features, including fully customisable Habit frequencies and times, the ability to select any day combination for your Habit, and hidden Reminder pins to keep your Timeline neat.

This great new upgrade to Habits is available through KiezelPay for just $2.99.

MY HABITS (paid upgrade)

  • Includes a wide range of fully customisable Habit modes.
  • Allows you to track Streak and Count Habits at any frequency, with presets for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly.
  • Enables you to choose custom days of the week for your Habits – no more losing the Streak on weekends! (Most requested feature!)
  • Special Advanced modes: Hidden pins, Random reminders, and Read-only reminders.
  • Companion Website with statistics and graphs for each Habit, as well as full habit configuration. Manage all of your Habits in one place!
  • +++ All of the existing great features of the free Habits app.


My Habits also comes with a Third-Party API, that lets you integrate Habits into your own apps! The first app to take advantage of the new API is due to be released this week (it’s a very cool collaboration!), and I can’t wait to see what other developers come up with. More information about the API can be found at:

For more information about My Habits, please visit:

My Habits is available for download through the Pebble App Store. Don’t forget, if you like My Habits, please give it a ❤️!



4 replies on “Introducing My Habits for Pebble”

Unfortunately not, I have shut down the server powering the backend and the lack of Pebble infrastructure to power the timeline means the timeline won’t work either. Without those two components, My Habits will not work.

Hi! I came late to the Pebble party, but with the Rebble services, and the timeline working again, would it be possible to bring back to life My Habits?

Thanks, best regards

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