Pebble Timeline Challenge Week 10 Winner – 8-A-Day!

I was very excited for my Pebble Timeline app 8-A-Day to be chosen as the week 10 winner of the Pebble Timeline Challenge.

Doctors have been telling us this for years: drink 8 glasses of water a day, preferably more. Now, with the 10th winner of the Pebble Timeline Challenge, 8-A-Day, you can have your Pebble remind you instead! Get pinged hourly, and use your timeline to stay healthy and hydrated.

At 9 AM in your local time zone, you’ll receive a notification reminding you to drink your first glass of water. You can input whether or not you’ve finished a glass, or choose to stop the notifications. If you continue receiving notifications, a pin will appear in an hour reminding you to continue drinking water. This pattern will continue throughout the day, and at the end of the day you’ll receive a summary of your daily water intake.

An Australian developer, Stephen Rees-Carter, developed this app after conversations with his wife about the idea. A web developer by training, he was excited to use his PHP skills to create an app for the timeline.

Here are some of the features he used in his application.

  • Timeline for reminders, notifications, and updates
  • PebbleKit JS for external API calls
  • PHP API Wrapper
  • An external PHP Application for logging and reminding the user

You can find the official announcement here.

Most of the logic is within a small Laravel Lumen API application that I built for it, with minimal wrapper andinteraction code in the actual Pebble app. It was a great chance to play with Lumen and see what it could do, andit was very well suited building an API. I also built a simple open source PHP API wrapper called PinPusher to make working with the Timeline API easy.

That was actually my first ever Pebble app, and I’m really proud of how it turned out. The Timeline API madeit a piece of cake to get timeline pins working, and Lumen was a joy to use to get my API server working.Since releasing 8-A-Day, I’ve written and released another app,¬†Timeline Tag, which is a multi-player app built within the timeline. It’s pretty cool, I’m very proud of it too.

I am planning on writing a couple of blog posts about the process of building these Pebble apps when I have time.Until then, you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Oh btw, if you’re looking for other cool Pebble apps, check out: Pokedex Challenge.

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