Introducing Laravel Security in Depth

I’d like to introduce a new project I’ve just started: Laravel Security in Depth. It’s something I’ve never tried before, or even considered as an option until recently, and I’m very excited to dive into it and see how it grows.

What is Laravel Security in Depth?

Laravel Security in Depth is a paid mailing list, powered by Substack. The idea is that each month I will send out an in depth analysis of a concept of Laravel Security. We could be looking at existing tooling and how best to use it to keep our apps secure, or exploring custom code and design patterns to write secure solutions, or anything else we’re interested in. Between the monthly emails, I’ll be sending out weekly security tips to fill in the time. Free subscribers will just receive one of these tips each month.

I’m also looking forward to subscribers suggesting topics they’d like covered, or sending through code snippets they’d like analysed (and shared with the list). This way we can look at security topics that are relevant to subscribers, and explore more topics.

Think of it like diving into a topic in one of my conference talks, only in depth. I tend to skim over a few topics to cover a lot of ground and get the concepts and mindset across to the audience. This will all me to dive into a concept and share a lot of information in one go.

Who is it for?

I’m aiming the list at Laravel developers, although anyone involved in the Laravel development ecosystem will get something out of it. The idea is to look directly at code, and talk about code designs and Laravel features.

Developers are responsible for the security of their code, so they are the people I am trying to reach with this list.

Why now?

I finished up my last full time job a month ago, and am working with my wife on WithExtraVeg, so have much more flexibility in my time. As part of preparing for my Laracon Online talk, I realised that there is only so much I can fit into a 30-minute conference talk every few months. Starting a mailing list and sharing my knowledge can reach more people with more information. So I decided to jump in the deep end give it a go.

Substack was appealing as it allowed me to simply sign up and have everything set up for me. So it’ll be a journey for all of us, as I explore a new tool and what it can do, while you learn more about security.

How do I sign up?

Jump on over to the Substack site, and subscribe:

You can sign up for $7 per month or $70 per year (prices in USD). There is also a free tier if you’d like to check out my monthly tips and subscribe at a later date.

I hope you see you on the list!

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